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Are You Looking For Custom Jewelry In Canada | Diamonds or Moissanite

Are You Looking For Custom Jewelry In Canada | Diamonds or Moissanite

Are you planning to buy a Moissanite ring and want to know what to look for? You’re with some nice folks. Due to their beauty, affordability, and sustainability, custom-made engagement rings and wedding bands are a popular choice amongst today’s couples. But there are several caveats to doing it correctly.

See what to ask for in your moissanite engagement ring or any custom jewelry in Canada from the jeweler. Continue reading!

Is A Moissanite A Real Diamond?

No, Moissanite is a distinct gem. Accordingly, Moissanite differs from diamond in terms of its chemical composition, hardness, and brilliance. Practically speaking, Moissanite is carbon silicate, and has a hardness rating of 9.25 and Diamond is a 10. Similarly, moissanite has more colorful brilliance than Diamond; whereas Diamond is pure carbon. 

Additionally, because Moissanite is a man-made gemstone, it may be shaped and sized any way you like! The size and shape of natural diamonds are constrained by how the Earth grows them. So you have a ton of options when selecting a Moissanite as the main stone for your engagement ring. Additionally, Moissanite is extremely sustainable because no mining is required to produce it!

Are Moissanite Rings Available in Various Grades?

Yes. The three fundamental grades of moissanite are. Technology had only gone far enough to produce stones that were yellowish-green when Moissanite was first created. This Moissanite is still available and is what we refer to as “traditional”. Gemologists continued their research since a good diamond substitute was what customers genuinely desired. Near-colorless Moissanite appears to be more like an H-color diamond than colorless Moissanite does. 

Know Before Purchasing A Moissanite Ring Or Any Moissanite Jewelry In Canada

 #1: Can Moissanite Be Used Forever?

Indeed, you can. A 9.25 on the hardness scale, moissanite is a stunning gemstone that is also highly tough. Thus, Moissanite is eternal in the same way that a diamond is. Moissanite has grown in popularity as a material for custom-designed engagement rings.

#2: How Much Does A Moissanite Engagement Ring Cost?

The Moissanite ring will cost you the price of the Moissanite center stone plus the price of the ring setting.

For accent stones, Do Amore suggests man-made diamonds (also called lab-created diamonds). Therefore, when placing your order, just mention that you want Moissanite accent stones if you want a Moissanite ring that is completely sustainable.

#3: Which Moissanite is Cheaper?

Because of the huge price disparity, searching for the ideal moissanite stone might be a little complicated when it comes to moissanite jewelry in Canada. This distinction can, however, be easily explained.

In comparison to colorless and nearly colorless Moissanite, classic Moissanite (the yellowish-green variety) is significantly less expensive and is simply less attractive!

Additionally, poorer quality Moissanite is not cut effectively.

#4: Can The Moissanite be used for custom-made engagement rings?

Yes, one can use the custom rings for the wedding or engagement. You can design it in bands, solitaire rings, or round or oval shapes; you can design it the way you wish. As they are not rigid like natural diamonds.   

Wrapping Up

Therefore, when it comes to buying custom jewelry in Canada. Moissanite is the best, but the high-quality ones. 


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